• Office hours are 8:00-3:00.

    For students that will continue at Foussat, including pre-enrolled TK/Kinder

    Complete the following on-line Data Confirmation (Instructions)- click on the link to login directly to the  Aeries Portal. 

    Bring a signed copy of the Data Confirmation Emergency card printout & only if you moved 1 document that confirms your address (see list below):

               - SDGE bill, Telephone Land-line or Cable, Mortgage or Rental statement, Property Taxes, Deed. (No bank statements.) 

    If you live with someone and the bills are in their name, you will need to complete a Shared Residency form and provide the following:

              - 2 documents listed above from the person you are living with & 1 document that proves you live at that address.

    You may drop in anytime during office hours with your paperwork after you have completed and signed the data confirmation on the Oceanside Unified website.