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    DRESS CODE    (OUSD Board Administrative Regulation 5132)

    OUSD recognizes the importance of students feeling comfortable in their learning environment.  The way we dress affects the way we feel about ourselves and should have a positive impact on our learning.  Dress should be appropriate for any school setting, whether that be on school campus or at home during virtual learning.

    Students must wear:

    • Bottoms

    • Tops

    • Fully closed-toe and fully closed- heel shoes (no Crocs)

    • Clothing that sufficiently covers all private areas, stomach, back and undergarments


    Students may wear:

    • Hats, scarves, and/or headwear associated with religion or culture

    • Hoodie sweatshirts (hoods should be down)

    • Fitted pants, including leggings, yoga pants, and “skinny jeans”

    • Sweatpants, shorts, skirts, dresses, pants

    • Ripped jeans, as long as underwear and/or private areas aren't exposed

    • Athletic attire

    • Clothing with commercial or athletic logos provided they do not violate the guidelines in the “Cannot Wear” section below


    Students cannot wear:

    • Images or language depicting:

      • drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products (or any illegal item or activity)

      • firearms, knives, or other weapons

      • hate speech or profanity

      • hostile or intimidating environment

    • Clothing that has been identified as being gang affiliated by Oceanside Police and/or the OUSD Student Services Department

    • Visible underwear 

    • Earrings that pose a potential safety issues (i.e. large hoops, extremely long)
    • Hoods or hats while indoors

    • Spaghetti straps

    In the event that students do not follow the dress code, guardians will be notified.  School administrators reserve the right to make an informed judgment about the appropriateness of student attire from time to time, or when behavior from students warrants the need to do so.   

    On Fridays, we encourage students to wear spirit wear which can be purchased through PTO.