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      • All Breakfast & Lunch will continue to be free for all OUSD scholars for the 2023-2024 School Year
      • Parents will confirm Household Size & Income during the Aeries Data Confirmation Process
      • Nutrition Services will continue to produce Benefits Verification Letters for those scholars who qualify as "Free/Reduced" to be used for additional outside programs/organizations

        Please note that due to a high volume of requests for letters, there could be a delay in letter return. Our Nutrition Services staff is working diligently to get all of the requested letters sent out as quickly as possible.


      For more information, visit the OUSD Nutrition Services website HERE




      Birthday Treats and OUSD's Wellness Policy

      The OUSD Board of Education recognizes the link between student health, learning and success and desires to provide comprehensive wellness programs for all OUSD scholars, promoting healthy eating, physical activity and social emotional learning. As part of this work, school employees have been asked to assist with helping families understand and support the district wide Wellness Policy.


      We know that this can be tricky when a special birthday arises and students want to celebrate their big day with their classmates. Like you, we LOVE cupcakes, but school staff are not able to provide those or other higher-sugar snacks to students on campus, as they do not align with the nutritional standards established for the school day.


      If your child is celebrating a birthday, we would be happy to have you connect with our cafeteria team who can help with placing low-cost orders. Our students love the popsicles (information on flavors is available HERE) and these can be ordered if given 2 weeks advance notice! Or feel free to talk with your child's teacher to see what non-food items might be appreciated by the class.