•  Yearbook

    Yearbooks are still available for pre-order through the Webstore.  Quantities are limited. Students may also pay on campus at our Student Store. The cost is $45.

    Yearbook Signing Party- Monday June 6th- Students will attend during their 7th period class.


    Thank you for purchasing a 2021-22 Yearbook!

    King Middle School prides itself on having a Yearbook staff.  With that said, please understand that the yearbook is produced entirely by students in a learning situation, who are responsible for layout, copy, and picture selection.  As a staff, it is our goal to give fair and equal coverage to all aspects of school life here at King from August to mid-February, which is our final deadline for a June delivery.  

    There are, however, a few things that we have little to no control over:

    • Students who miss both picture days due to absences

    • Parents that do not submit 8th grade Tribute Ads by the given deadline

    • Sports and other school events that take place after our final deadline

    • Sporting events that are at locations other than MLK

    Consequently, any omissions or errors are purely accidental and are in no way intentional on the part of the Yearbook Staff, advisor, administration, or the publisher.

    Finally, every page is proofread before being sent to the publisher.  We regret any misspelled words, missing punctuation, or misspelled names, and offer our apologies to anyone affected.

    Thank you,

    MLK Yearbook Staff


    If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact our yearbook advisor, Ms. Myers.


  • Save the Date

    • 6th Grade Olympics - June 3rd; Parent Volunteers needed as well as water donations.

    • Yearbook Signing Party- June 6th during 7th & 8th

    • Multicultural Day 7th Grade - June 3rd

    • 8th Grade trip to The Wave- June 8th

    • ECHS Wildcat Camp for current 8th graders-May 13th

    • Textbooks Returns May 31 to June 3