• Absence/Illness/Tardy

     Every day your student attends school is an opportunity to experience the joy of learning.  Every day absent  is a missed opportunity for growth!  Research studies show that excellent scholarship is directly linked to excellent attendance. 

    PLEASE make every effort to schedule special event days and trips out of town during weekends, three day holiday weekends, or during the generous vacation weeks at Thanksgiving, Christmas, President's Week, and Spring Break.   Since every day of student absence is a loss of state revenue for the school and the district, student absences can have a serious impact on our ability to offer a rich program for your scholar.

    While attendance is very important, PLEASE DO NOT SEND A SICK STUDENT TO SCHOOL!  

    Please go to our Health Office page to learn the guidelines for when to keep your student home.

    If you do need to report an absence, please call the school office at 760-901-7170.