Parking at the Adult Transition Program can be a challenge!  The best way to deal with that challenge is to be on time and patient. 

    The parking lot at ATP has one gated entrance and exit for one-way traffic to make a loop.

    The drop off window is 8:45-9:00am.  Students who are dropped off will first go through a symptom screening before heading to their classrooms. Families will not be allowed to walk their student to class (we ask families to remain off campus unless they have a scheduled appointment in the front office)

    The pick up window is 3:00-3:15pm. PLEASE be on time as there is no one to supervise students after that time.

    Here are some reminders:

    Please drive slowly at all times while in the school zone.  Along with our students, there are many children walking in crosswalks and crossing streets at the nearby elementary and middle schools.  All student safety is a priority.

    • Please always only use the crosswalks when crossing any streets in the school zone. 
    • DO NOT use the bus lane at any time (even when it is empty).
    • There is only one way to enter and exit the school zone.  Please always and at all times of the day follow the arrows for entering and exiting the school zone.
    • Please share arrival and dismissal information with any adult that will pick up or drop off your student.


    Safety is one of our highest priorities for everyone here at ATP.  We truly appreciate your patience and support as we implement changes in our arrival and dismissal process in efforts to ensure the safety of the entire ATP family.  Please keep these safety tips in mind each day as you arrive and depart the school zone:

    • Please drive slowly
    • Please DO NOT drop your students off in the staff parking area.
    • Please DO NOT turn around in the middle of the street.
    • Please always use the crosswalks when crossing the streets.
    • Please share this information with any person that may drop off or pick up your student.


    Parking at ATP is limited by the small parking lot.  If you must park, please follow these guidelines:

    Make an appointment before visiting our school office. There is NO PARKING at any time in the drop-off and pick-up lanes.  Also, please DO NOT park in the carport areas of the apartments, even for a minute.  Parking in any unauthorized areas can lead to a parking violation and fine.   

    Thank you for your cooperation, which helps to keep us all safe.