• Routing and Scheduling

    Every new school year parents need to fill out the Transportation Application found on the Districts website. This ensures that we have the most up-to-date and accurate information on the students we transport. ESS, Educational Support Services reviews all applications to confirm transportation has been offered as a supportive service in the student's IEP (FAPE).  ESS then forwards the information to the Dispatcher/Scheduler in the transportation department, all records are updated and services will be revised as necessary. New students into our program or changes of address resulting in route changes normally take 5-7 days to implement. Parents will be contacted by the driver for changes in pick-up or drop-off times and locations.

    If you need to contact transportation directly, please call (760) 966-4445

    Dispatch Team

    Lead Dispatcher, Dominic Gonzales (760) 966-7899 dominic.gonzales@oside.us

    SpEd Router Dispatcher, Maria "Jessica" Alvarez (760) 966-7890 maria.alvarez@oside.us

    Scheduler Dispatcher, Damian Sifuentes (760) 966-7879 damian.sifuentes@oside.us


    For all new and returning students please click the link below for instructions regarding special education transportation.

    OUSD Special Education Transportation Guide