• Acceleration (Credit Recovery)

    Contact: Your Counselors

    To increase the opportunity for students to succeed at OHS the “Pirate Opportunity Program” (POP) is an opportunity that helps students succeed. Students who may be credit deficient have the opportunity to regain lost credits within the traditional school day. Students who wish to advance their credit gain have the opportunity to stay within their traditional setting and move faster than currently provided. Students who transfer in mid-semester or from a different master schedule (4x4 for example) are able to use the time left in the semester to continue their credit gain.

    Offer during the traditional School Day: Oceanside Independent Study Classes

    • Classes show on schedule as OHS Pirate Opportunity Program (POP)
    • Attendance taken, but no grades
    • Grades for courses completed in POP classes are entered by Guidance Techs as they are with Credit Recovery 
    • Course numbers, one per teacher, to allow scheduling with appropriate instructor (see below)
    • Students will take the pretest regardless if the student is taking the course for advancement or for credit recovery.
    • Student pretest and course completion data used to determine the success of the program- offering OHS students more options for advancement and credit recovery (OHS @ 85% graduation rate- 2020).


    Next steps: Share with your OHS Counselor your plans!