• In the 2019-2020 school year, 40 Scholarships were awarded and 35 were recipients. OHS celebrate with seniors earning $480,570 scholarships.

    Learn how to take the time to research scholarship opportunities and apply! The OHS Counseling & Guidance department will list current local and national scholarships AND always do your research. Your committment will pay off. 

    In 2020-2021 school year OHS students are projected to earn # scholarships with it valued at $. 

  • OHS Scholarship Tracker 2021-2022
  • Also, Immigrant Rising’s List of Undergraduate Scholarships contains scholarships for undergraduate studies that don’t require proof of citizenship or legal permanent residency. This up-to-date list, organized by deadline date, contains scholarships at the local (Bay Area), state and national level.
    • Hard copies of most scholarships can be found in the College & Career Center, Rm V-127. Many of the scholarships will have to be accessed online in order to complete them.
    • You can also search for scholarships at websites.  
    • Assistance in completing scholarship applications is available daily in the Career Center, Rm V-127.
    • Seniors be sure to let your counselor know if you receive a scholarship, so that you may be honored at our Senior Awards Night.


  • Be Persistent

  • Scholarship Presentation Fall 2019

  • Scholarship Thank You Letter Guidelines