• Arts, Digital Media & Design

    Contact: Mr. Moodie 

  • Building and Construction

    1. Fine Woodworking I
    2. Fine Woodworking II

    Design, Visual & Media Arts

    1. Photography
    2. Graphic Design
    3. 3D Animation

    Introduction To Creativity

    Students explore the nature of creativity based on recent research, while working on their own, independently-selected creative projects.

    1. Sem 1 unit: The Importance of Mindset - learn about the importance of mindset and about  the misconceptions about creators and creativity. Focus: Collage.
    2. Sem 2 unit: The Power of Collaboration - learn why collaboration is essential to creativity in all mediums. Focus: Theater.

    Music Arts

    1. Guitar
    2. Marching Band
    3. Orchestra
    4. Show Choir
    5. Chorus
    6. Concert Choir
    7. Jazz Band
    8. Drumline
    9. Color Guard

    Production & Managerial Arts

    1. TV/Film & Digital Media
    2. Broadcast Journalism


    1. Drama
    2. Play Production
    3. Drama II
    4. Musical Theatre

    Visual Arts

    Art I & II

    Intro/Advanced courses exploring various mediums for drawing, painting, & sculpture

    AP Studio Art 2D/3D

    Create and Submit an Art Portfolio 

    for College Credit

    Ceramics I & II

    Intro/Advanced courses exploring clay with  handbuilding & pottery wheel techniques

    AP Art History

    Explore the world through the lens of art while preparing for the AP Exam for College Credit