About Transitional Kindergarten

  • Oceanside Unified School District will offer Transitional Kindergarten (TK) at all of the elementary school sites beginning Fall 2021.

    Transitional kindergarten is a bridge between preschool and kindergarten for children turning 5 years old between July 2, 2021 and Dec. 2, 2021. 

    This program offers young learners a head start and provides them with a golden opportunity to learn and grow in an environment  tailored to meet their academic and social needs.

    • TK is the first year of a two-yr kindergarten program
    • is free as part of the public school system
    • is designed to support "young" five-year-olds
    • is taught by credentialed teachers with extra training
    • uses a unique specialized curriculum.

     Ages to start school 



Transitional Kindergarten School Sites