• About Student Services


    Student Services provides information regarding enrollment and registration, before and after school programs, attendance, health & wellness, and additional support for students facing challenges.  

    The K-12 Student/Parent Handbook provides guidance on policies and responsibilities for students.  The handbook may be accessed on this website or a hard copy requested at the school site or Educational Support Services office.  Available in Spanish. K-12 Manual para Estudiantes/Padres/Tutores

    For information regarding parent and student rights and responsibilities, the Annual Notification, provided through the San Diego County Office of Education and tailored to our district's criteria, highlights new laws that affect schools, and provides information and resources from the California Department of Education. These are updated annually and provided electronically on our website.  Hard copies may be requested at the school site or Educational Support Services office. Available in Spanish. Notificación Anual

    This past year of adapting to changes and rising to meet education challenges created by the pandemic has highlighted critical areas of focus for our district and site staff. Student Services will continue to strengthen connections with families and students to encourage progress towards graduation and career.


  • Dieter Swank,                    Student Services Coordinator

    Dieter Swank



    Get to know our Coordinator....

    Dieter Swank has been with Oceanside Unified School District since 1997 as teacher, administrator and coordinator.  He taught 2nd, 4th, and 5th grade classes at the elementary level, and 6th grade at the middle school level.  He served as “Teacher on Special Assignment” (assisting the principal at Palmquist Elementary), and before joining the Student Services department as Coordinator of Student and Family Services, led the staff at Ivey Ranch as principal.

    He supports students and families through various programs, which include: Migrant Education, School Safety, Attendance/Student Engagement, and intervention and crisis management.

    He would like to see all students be able to realize a future of opportunity.


  •                                                                                                  Laura Vines

                                                                                                    Administrative Secretary I to Dieter Swank

                                                                                                    760-966-7830, Email: laura.vines@oside.us



                Donna Omori  

                Student Services Secretary (Registration & Records) 

                760-966-7849, Email: donna.omori@oside.us




    Secretary Barba                                                                                                                                                  Ruby Barba

                                                                         Student Services Secretary (Medi-Cal, Home Hospital) 

                                                                                             760-966-7837, Email: ruby.barba@oside.us