• About the Program
    In its strategic goals, Oceanside Unified School District (OUSD) promotes the preparation of students for full participation and success in a global society that is multilingual and multicultural.

    The OUSD multi-site Two-Way Bilingual Immersion program nurtures a vibrant K-12 learning community in which students from diverse backgrounds speak, read and write in Spanish and English and participate in multicultural studies and experiences as part of their education. Highly qualified teachers use a curriculum based on state standards. Students acquire biliteracy, exemplifying language and academic proficiency.

    Students enter the program in Kindergarten and can continue through 8th grade and follow a pathway in high school. In high school, they will have opportunities to expand their skills or learn a third language. At graduation, students can earn the State Seal of Biliteracy on their HS diploma.

  • TWBI Master Plan

    OUSD´s Two-Way Bilingual Immersion Master Plan guides the development of the program and a K-12 pathway that affords students the opportunity to develop literacy in two languages.

  • 90/10 Immersion Model K-5

    Kinder and 1st grade: 90% of instruction is in Spanish, 10% of instruction is in English

    2nd gr.: 80% in Spanish 

    3rd gr.: 70% in Spanish

    4th gr.: 60% in Spanish

    5th gr.: 50% in Spanish, 50% in English

  • Two-Way Immersion

    The program includes fairly equal numbers of English speakers and English language learners (native speakers of Spanish). Two-way immersion is a unique kind of language education because it involves two languages used for instruction and two groups of students. The programs are integrated.