Multilingual Learner Program

  • About the Program
    About one-third of our students enroll in Oceanside schools knowing little or no English. In keeping with our mission to educate every student for success in the global community, we are pleased to offer four programs taught by teachers specially trained to address the needs of English learners. Students with minimal English skills enroll in our Structured English Immersion Program, where instruction is primarily in English and designed to help students learn English as rapidly as possible while giving them special assistance in math, science and history.
  • Programs Offered

    The Oceanside Unified School District is committed to providing effective educational program options for English learners that meet district and state standards for English competence and academic achievement.

    The English Learners Master Plan explains the various program options for English learners. We are proud to offer our English learners the following educational pathways:

    Structured English Immersion Program (SEI)
    Two Way Bilingual Immersion Program (TWBI)
    Newcomer Program (In Progress)

    Through the SEI Program students develop grade-level English skills while also having access to grade-level curriculum. English Learners receive English Language Development (ELD) as well as instruction in all content areas such as math, science, history and physical education. English Learners receive ELD from a certificated teacher until they meet our criteria to be reclassified as Fluent English Proficient. 


    Choosing a Language Acquisition Program

    Parents or guardians may choose a language acquisition program that best suits their child (EC Section 310). Language acquisition programs are educational programs designed to ensure English acquisition occurs as rapidly and effectively as possible. They provide instruction to English learners based on the state-adopted academic content standards, including English language development (ELD) standards (20 U.S.C. Section 6312[e][3][A][iii],[v]); EC Section 306[c]).

    Language Acquisition Programs Offered

    We are required to offer, at a minimum, a Structured English Immersion (SEI) program option (EC Section 305[a][2]). We also offer the following language acquisition programs:

    Structured English Immersion Program: A language acquisition program for English learners in which nearly all classroom instruction is provided in English, but with curriculum and a presentation designed for students who are learning English. At minimum, students are offered Designated ELD and provided access to grade level academic subject matter content with Integrated ELD.

    Two-Way Bilingual Immersion (TWBI): A language acquisition program that provides language learning and academic instruction for native speakers of English and native speakers of another language with the goals of high academic achievement, first and second language proficiency, and cross-cultural understanding. This program begins in Transitional Kindergarten/Kindergarten (TK/K) and continues to eighth grade.

    Parents or guardians may choose a language acquisition program that best suits their child. Schools in which the parents or guardians of 30 students or more per school or the parents or guardians of 20 students or more in any grade request a language acquisition program that is designed to provide language instruction shall be required to offer such a program to the extent possible (20 U.S.C. Section 6312[e][3][A][viii][III]); EC Section 310[a]).

    Parents or guardians may provide input regarding language acquisition programs during the development of the Local Control and Accountability Plan (EC Section 52062). If interested in a different program from those listed above, please contact your school to ask about the process.

  • Upcoming DELAC Meeting/Próxima Reunión de DELAC

    DELAC Meetings for 2023-2024

    6:00pm - 7:30pm

    All meetings will be held in person and virtually.   

    *Joint meetings with District Parent Advisory Committee (DPAC)

    October 3rd

    October 24th

    November 28th  

    January 23rd

    March 19th 

    May 21st

    For details and the passcode, please contact Deb Wickman or your school. / Para los detalles y la contraseña, favor de comunicarse con la Sra. Wickman o con su escuela. 


    The District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC) is a great way for parents to become involved in their child's education at a district level. Each month, parents, teachers, district leaders, and community members attend DELAC meetings.

    Parent Resources

    Parent-Teacher Conference-Spanish

    Parent-Teacher Conference-English

ELPAC Overview Spanish

  • For further information in English and Spanish about the four different ELPAC sections, please see the link below.

    ELPAC Test Descriptions

  • Reclassification Criteria for Multilingual Learners learning English


  • Multilingual Collaborative Members

    Multilingual Program Assessment and Monitoring

    Joshua Thibodeaux
    Coordinator of Curriculum & Instruction - Assessments
    Extension 7808

    Dora Melgar
    Admin Secretary I to Joshua Thibodeaux
    Extension 7846

    Multilingual Learner Curriculum and Instruction

    Jennifer Voci
    MLL TOSA - Elementary
    Extension 7880

    Kimberly Moreno
    MTSS TOSA - Secondary
    Extension 7817