• Our Partnership with MiraCosta College 

    Oceanside Unified School District entered into a CCAP agreement with the local community college in 2017 and is committed to offering Dual Enrollment as it best serves our students. If you are a current Oceanside student, the benefits of taking dual enrollment courses are:

    Spring 2023 - Classes Begin January 21, 2023

    BUS 147 Personal Finance 2/6/23 5/26/23 MW 1:15 PM 2:55 PM
    HOSP 133 Intro to Hotel Management 2/6/23 5/26/23 TTh 1:15 PM 2:55 PM
    MATH 115 Calculus with Applications 1/23/23 5/26/23 MTWTh 9:30 AM 10:20 AM
    MATH 115 Calculus with Applications 1/23/23 5/26/23 MTWTh 9:30 AM 10:20 AM
    BTEC 107 Exploring Biotechnology: Emerging Trends, Careers, and the Local Industry 1/23/23 5/26/23 ONL    
    ADM 200 Concepts of Criminal Law 1/23/23 5/26/23 ONL    
    PHIL 102 Contemporary Moral Problems 1/23/23 5/26/23 M/W (Zoom) 5:00 PM 6:30 PM
    CHLD 210 Child, Family and Community 1/23/23 5/26/23 ONL    
    CSIT 180 Fundamentals of Computer Hardware and Software 1/23/23 5/26/23 W 4:30 PM 7:35 PM
    *All instructional materials are provided to students upon confirmed enrollment.

    Enrolling Is Easy  

    Find your high school counselor by scanning the QR code that pertains to your school below.

    El Camino High School - Counseling 

    Oceanside High School - Counseling 

    Surfside Educational Academy - Counseling 


    Dual Enrollment (High School + College Credit)


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  • Did you know? Students who take UC-transferable college courses that fall within the A-G subject areas, will earn an extra point in the UC freshman admission GPA if a grade letter of "C" or better is earned.