• parking  PARKING

    If you are planning to get out of your vehicle to walk your child ot the gate or meet your child after school, you need to park in our lot.  We ask families and guardians to park in the marked visitor spots. You will see a row of available parking spaces in front of the fence.  Should these all be occupied, you will need to find a different area of the neighborhood to park. Vehicles cannot be left in unmarked areas or along red curbs.

  • drive safely   FLOW OF TRAFFIC

    It is essential we all work together to create a safe drop-off and pick-up area for the large number of students, community members and staff who are part of Ivey Ranch.  Please make sure to help out with this by:

    • remaining focused on the road and space around your vehicle (some of us are little at Ivey Ranch and it can be hard to see us)
    • abiding by posted speed limits
    • remaining patient with others 
    • parking in marked spots only
    • along the curb in the front parking area:
      • remaining in your vehicle
      • pulling forward as space opens
      • stopping behind the white speed bump before the crosswalk if you are at the front of the vehicle waiting line
      • leaving crosswalks open/unblocked
      • leaving the yellow curbed section open (this is for bus and emergency vehicle use ONLY)
      • leaving space in front of parking lots open/unblocked
    • at the backgate (drop off or pick up on Mesa Dr.):
      • not calling students between vehicles or across this very busy street
      • making only legal U-turns and only doing this when absolutely necessary
        • this street is hectic and we want your family to remain safe so we recommend finding a different location for turning around