• Hi Mustangs!  Welcome to the library!  The library is an awesome place to read, learn and grow.  Each class will visit once a week. K-2nd grade students can check out 1 book a week.  3rd-5th grade students can check out 2 books a week.  All students must turn in a permission slip at the beginning of the year in order to check out books and all students are responsible for returning or renewing their book(s) on time and taking care of lost or damaged books.

    Students can always come to the library to check out books, find new things to read and do research on all sorts of interesting topics.  This year students will learn library skills, listen to exciting stories and even participate in some contests! I hope to see you soon!


  • Young Adult books are written with teenagers in mind and confront issues that are of great importance to some teens and their families. Dating, fitting in, friendship, sex, substance abuse, LGBT topics, self esteem, physical or emotional abuse, violence, school, and relationships with parents and siblings are frequently addressed in young adult fiction. YA books can be a powerful learning and coping tool when a young reader connects with characters and what they are going through. Please keep in mind--your 4th-7th grader can find plenty of engaging and challenging books in our library without reading a single young adult title. The young adult label (pink dot) does NOT mean the book is a higher reading level. (In fact, like most popular fiction for adults, these books are generally around a 5th or 6th grade reading level!) 4th-7th graders must have a YA permission form on file to check out YA books. 8th graders may check out any books in the library, including all young adult books. If you do not approve of this option, please speak with your child about not checking YA books out from the library since your child is responsible for his/her selections. Please fill in the information below if you give your child permission to read young adult literature.

    If you have any questions please contact Ms. Jose at 760-901-7908 or bethany.jose@oside.us

    Young Adult Permission Slip