• Early Childhood Special Education Services

    Young girl with special needs putting blocks on pegs.

    The Oceanside Unified School District is committed to identifying and serving children with disabilities ages three to five years old in order to prepare them for a successful transition to elementary school.

    Special Education Preschool Program


    Preschool specialized academic instruction targets student needs across domains to include; pre-academics, communication development, social/emotional/behavioral functioning, gross motor and fine motor development, adaptive/daily living skills, and health/medical needs. In addition to this targeted individualized instruction for students with special needs, preschool students receive general preschool curriculum exposure/education.

    Preschool Assessment

    If you have concerns regarding your child’s development and your child is three to five years old, please contact the Preschool Assessment Team at (760) 901-7111, or email Cheri Bene' . If your child is five years old and attending kindergarten within the Oceanside Unified School District, please contact your child’s school for more information regarding assessment.


    If your child is under the age of three and you have concerns regarding their development, please contact HOPE Infant Family Support Program or San Diego Regional Center.