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    • E-bike Safety

      E-bikes are more popular than ever and as their popularity increases, education about e-bike safety is of the utmost importance.


      OUSD is working with the City of Oceanside and local law enforcement partners to bring greater awareness and education to our students and families about electric bike (e-bike) safety.

      Here is a 6 minute video on e-bike safety produced by the City of Oceanside.

       Can you R I D E an eBike? - YouTube 


      Please familiarize yourself and your children with the rules of the road and important safety facts.




      Did you know?

      - Riders age 17 and younger must wear a helmet.

      - It is illegal to carry passengers on your e-bike unless it features an additional permanent seat.

      - Sidewalks are meant for pedestrians, not e-bikes.

      - Riding against the flow of traffic is prohibited.
      - The California Highway Patrol has created a short E-Bike class that can be taken on line:  (

      You can also sign up for an E-Bike safety class (1 hour classroom, 1 hour drills, and 1 hour road) through the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition (

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  • Oceanside Library is offering free academic help. Please see the flyer for more information. 

    For students in grades K-8, we have in-person Homework Helpers one day a week at two of our locations with both adult and teen volunteers. It is entirely drop in, no prior registration is required.

    Tuesdays from 4-6 pm: Civic Center Library (330 N. Coast Hwy)

    Thursdays from 4-6pm: Mission Branch (3861 Mission Ave)


    Additionally, for those who can’t make it to those times or who want more practice, we have online database HelpNow. A live tutor is available 24/7 on HelpNow and it can be accessed from our Library website. It has resources from grades K-college and is available in English and Spanish. Some of the popular sections in HelpNow include the Writing Lab (students get feedback on their essays), SkillSurfer (tutorials organized by grade and subject), and FlashBulbs (flashcards and games).


    Also, our newest Library location is open at John Landes Community Center (2855 Cedar Road) and is open M-F 9am-6pm.





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