• In a farewell to our Beloved Broadcast Journalism Teacher, Mrs. Sharon Strong. We leave you with the final episode ECTV News of 2022! 


  • Pathway Highlights

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    One of a Kind Sustainable Design

    Oceanside High reveals the Primo Wind EnergiPlant ! An innovative design which captures energy day and night. A bank of batteries stored inside the structures' benches provides wifi, USB charging and lighting. See how one design student gained understanding about renewable energy through the installation of this project on Oside Week in One Minute Video.

    Energiplant on the campus of oceanside high school













    Environmental Students Invited to Speak by Mayor Esther Sanchez

    Students presented the topic of "Fast Fashion" during the Oceanside City Council's recent meeting.

    OHS students speak during Oceanside City Council Meeting        Two students stand in front of audience during recent topic presentation to Oceanside City Council on Fast Fashion

    Teacher Juan Hernandez explains the pathway course sequence in the below video production of OTV Spring 2022    


    Energy and Environmental Design Course 

    Students learn sustainable design, energy efficiency, and renewable energy concepts through 

    o   Developing a Zero Net Energy Plan for their school. 

    o   Building a residential circuit

    o   Evaluating the applications of energy storage

    o   Designing a green building

    The course is supplemented by suggested field trips and internships in the energy and environmental design fields. Students have the option to present their projects at an Energize Schools High School Green Careers Conference event and during the end of year CTE Spring Exhibition.      

      Pirate Photography Newsletter Issue 37 In the thirty-seventh week of Photography class, @OHSPiratePhotography students were celebrated with one last opportunity to demonstrate all of the knowledge that they have gained throughout the school year. We will share with you... Achievement On A Professional Level 

    The 2nd Annual CTE Spring Exhibition was a success! Senior students from El Camino, Oceanside and Surfside High exhibited capstone projects highlighting competencies gained in one of 10 different career pathways.

    Sharon Strong Broadcast Journalism teacher with six senior graduates of a career pathway    

    El Camino High School students brought home three scholarship awards this past May after a strong presentation from our all-new, mostly 9th grade team of ACE Program Mentees during the Architecture-Construction-Engineering ACE Program Competition. 

    Congratulations scholars! A total of $8,000 in scholarships was awarded to this team! 

    ACE Mentees receive scholarship awards during ACE Mentor Competition     

    Civil Engineering & Architecture students recreate the Oceanside High Campus in Minecraft.

    Utilizing activity-project-problem -based (APB) teaching and learning pedagogy, students will progress from completing structured activities to solving open-ended projects. Check out the neat videos of how this project is unfolding! 


    Engineering & Architectural Design students compete in a First Robotics Challenge 

    "Our Oceanside High School Robotics Team, the "Wild Raccoons", competed in the First Robotics Competition at Del Mar Fairgrounds. Out of the 52 teams attending, OHS's rookie team finished 17-52, earning the "Rookie Inspiration" award." Congratulations Team! 

    Standout Students: Steven S., Sulin G.C., Morgan M. and Ethan C. 


    At El Camino High School, students take Intro to Computer Science, and AP Computer Science Principles. All students have access to the Dual Enrollment CSIT 180 Course (Spring 2023)

    Students enrolled in AP Computer Science apply computer software programs to engineering practices as they learn advanced Software and Systems Development. Students develop understanding in Python, 3D Modeling, and Lego Mindstorm Robotics








    Teacher Aaron Grable with his 25 Design Article

    25Design Students run a local graphic and web design studio.

    Since 2016, our student-run graphic design and web design studio called “25 Design'' (http://25designcorp.com/) has been your on-stop-shop for everything it takes to make our local small businesses grow and reach more customers.  We offer custom graphic design, professional web design, marketing and branding, even access to web hosting and domain names.  It’s the first and only student-run graphic design and web design studio in the tri-city area!

    Starting with a solid base of skills in Adobe’s Photoshop and Illustrator, students then move on to learn how to create custom websites from scratch.  After creating a solid skill base, the students join together and create a business model that they use to get clients, create useful products, and earn funds that come back to the classroom and support our students (through the Wildcat Foundation) and local charities.

    Our success stems from us teaming up with well-known non-profit “Real World Scholars” (https://www.realworldscholars.org/) and Otterbox (https://ottercares.org/) who provide our program with a small amount of “seed money” that we can use for promotion and advertising.  That, plus the students’ motivation, creates a learning environment like no other.

    Stop by and see us in action any day of the week on the El Camino Campus - or visit us to learn more!

  • Bronze Chapter of Distinction


    3rd Annual CTE Spring Exhibition 

    A public showcase of student learning and networking event

    May 25, 2023

    5:00 - 8:00 PM

    El Corazon Event Center 

    3302 Senior Center Dr.

    Oceanside, CA 92057