• We exist to:

    • Promote the ways in which diverse perspectives, voices, and lived experiences are included in our pursuit of equitable outcomes. 
    • To improve the teaching, learning, and work environment through tough conversations, empathy and support, and a desire to have equitable opportunities for each and every person. 
    • To uplift and celebrate the human dignity and civil rights of all people. 


    OUSD Values

    Educational Equity: Every student receives the academic, social, and emotional support needed to thrive. Resources are allocated to address achievement and opportunity gaps.

    Diversity: Our learning community’s diverse cultural experiences and intellectual variance drives our collective and individual success.

  • Our office is located at 2080 Mission Avenue

    Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


  • Jordy Sparks, Ed.L.D.

    Executive Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Student Supports

    Dr. Sparks received his education leadership doctorate from the Harvard Graduate School of Education in May of 2018, and as newly appointed Director of the Department of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, is leading the district's efforts to ensure that all students receive supports needed to graduate, and have access to safe, inclusive, and supportive learning environments.

    In collaboration with the San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE), EPOCH specially-trained professionals, and other local organizations, Dr. Sparks will audit and evaluate district practices and policies regarding equity in student opportunities to access academic support, social/emotional support, and will address obstacles potentially impeding student success.

    Trainings and resources relevant to current and local issues regarding equity and inclusion will be provided to staff. Proven outreach programs will continue to support and provide resources for students and families facing challenges.  Supports include transitional youth (students experiencing homelessness) and foster youth assistance, truancy/chronic absenteeism solutions, and basic needs support.  In addition, students of military families may receive support for deployment and reintegration issues. 

    OUSD's goal is to provide our diverse community of students with the support needed to attain academic success, experience self-confidence in their sense of belonging, and build a foundation of compassion and community that is respectful of individual differences.

  • Myeshia Whigham, Coordinator

    Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Student Supports

    Myeshia Whigham is currently in her 18th year as an educator serving K-12 students and has experience as an assistant principal and teacher at local public, charter, and adult schools in San Diego County. Myeshia received her undergraduate degree at California State University, San Marcos, and went on to attend several local universities, including San Diego State, where she earned her Administrative Services Credential. Myeshia is passionate about students and educational equity and currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Education for Social Justice at the University of San Diego. Myeshia has dedicated her career to the success and achievement of all students. She is passionate about preparing students for college and career opportunities and dedicated to continuing her work in education as a transformative leader in Oceanside Unified School District.


  • Deb Wickman, Teacher on Special Assignment - Family & Community

    Parent Newsletters & resources. Report Card Committee. Outreach.

    Additional Parent/Guardian/Community Information here


  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Student Supports

    Administrative Support Staff

    Adriane Vermillion
    Administrative Secretary II, to Dr. Jordy Sparks
    760-966-7802     avermillion@oside.us

    Sheila Goldsberry
    Administrative Secretary I, to Myeshia Whigham
    760-966-7851     sgoldsberry@oside.us