Mr. Ward and Family




    As a high school student hoping to become a teacher, I attended CSUSM where I earned a bachelor's degree.  Then I completed teaching credential programs at CSUSB and National University, which is where I also earned a master's degree in education. The 2021-22 school year will be my 15th as a physical education (PE) teacher, and for the past eight years I have taught grades K-8 in OUSD.  In my free time I enjoy hanging out at the beach with my wife and our two boys. We also have two cats and a leopard gecko as part of our family, and I'm trying to improve my gardening skills so that I can be a good plant parent. 

    My goal as your child’s teacher is to provide them with a safe and supportive environment to explore the joy of movement.  I will strive to assist your child in the pursuit of discovering his or her own individual potential. 

    The instructional units I have planned for this year will be used to develop students’ physical, social, and critical-thinking skills.  The program has also been designed to focus on three major areas that contribute to one’s physical health and well being: movement concepts such as skipping, balancing and jumping; skill themes such as throwing, kicking, and volleying; and wellness concepts including nutrition and ways to improve cardiovascular endurance and flexibility. 

    As a teacher I recognize that children are at different developmental levels and have a variety of needs and interests.  Therefore, every class I aim to provide each student with experiences that are both beneficial and enjoyable.  I also encourage students to apply the skills and knowledge they acquire during class in order to be active outside of school as part of a healthy lifestyle.  

    Because physical activity must be done regularly to achieve maximum health benefits, your child’s participation is essential.  Please remind your child to dress appropriately for physical activity.  For comfort and safety purposes, he/she must wear close-toed shoes, athletic t-shirts and shorts are recommended, and jewelry is not allowed.  And if your child unable to participate in any activities, please let me know via note or e-mail prior to class.  Also, it would be helpful if the note states the specific nature of the ailment and your suggested restrictions.  

    I look forward to sharing in the educational development of your child and hope to be a positive influence in their life.  If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, please contact me.  


    Best regards,

    Marty Ward