• King After School Sports Program


    MLK Middle School After School Sports Schedule 2023-24

    Fall Sports:                                            Coaches Contact

       Volleyball   8/29 - 10/5                       jenna.white@oside.us
    Schedule                                              jeanette.zappia@oside.us

    Registration for volleyball is closed.

       Flag FBall   8/29 - 10/5                       mark.fernandez@oside.us    
       X-Country   8/28 - 10/25                     lita.esposito@oside.us
    Meet Schedule                                      robert.ho@oside.us

    Registration for Cross Country is closed.

    Winter Sports I:
        Girls Bball  10/10 - 11/16                    jack.sampson@oside.us
     Schedule                                                jenna.white@oside.us

    Registration for Girls Basketball is closed.

        Wrestling   11/29 - 2/1                           fhorningjr10@yahoo.com

    Winter Sports II:
        Boys Bball       1/9 -2/15                       joel.turman@oside.us

    Spring I:
        Coed soccer   2/27 - 4/4                       mark.fernandez@oside.us
         3:00 - 4:30 pm Tuesday - Thursday                                         

    Spring II:
        Track & Field    3/26 - 5/9                      lita.esposito@oside.us
          3:00 - 4:45 pm                                     robert.kocur@oside.us


    Any other questions can be directed to MLK Acting AD Mark Fernandez

    athletic registration



    Please use the QR code below to register for sports on Sportsnet. 

    Registration for next year will be open by the end of August.  

    The parent and student, together, must complete the online athletic registration.


     Students have the opportunity to participate/try out for a team once all athletic registration components have been submitted and you have received the verification clearance.