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    Should you send your child to school?

    1. If you have to make a decision “Do I send my child to school today?” Please use the guidelines provided by the Oceanside Unified School District to determine if your child’s needs would be best met by coming to school or staying home.

    • No fever for 24 hours without the assistance of medication.
    • No vomiting for 24 hours.
    • No diarrhea for 24 hours.
    • Signs of illness that interfere with learning, sleep, activity, or play.
    • Cold symptoms such as frequent coughing and nasal discharge that do not respond to medication.
    1. For more detailed information, please click  Health and Safely Guidelines
      Our desire is to ensure that our students are provided with the care and resources that they need to function well at school.    

    We know that being sick is uncomfortable and doesn't support meaningful engagement in learning, so your child should remain home if they are experiencing illness symptoms.  

    Should you find that your child must miss a day of school to recover, please report the absence to our attendance line or email:

    The following message information should be provided: 

    your name, child’s name, teacher’s name, date of absence, reason for absence 


    Students who have experienced illness may return to school once they have been fever-free without medication for at least 24 hours and their symptoms have improved.  A negative COVID test is recommended but NOT required.



       In accordance with Board Policy 5142 all ace bandages, braces, splints, casts, and
      crutches must have a note from a medical provider to return to school.  Students with
      casts and crutches will not be allowed to actively participate in PE activities because of
      potential danger to the student and others.  Doctor’s note MUST state:

      1. Date student may return to school
      2. With: brace, crutches, cast, splint, or ace bandage
      3. PE restrictions


      A Medication Permission Form must be filled out by doctor and parent before over the
      counter or prescription medication can be dispensed.
      Provisions will be made for students who take medication at school to stay on their
      medication regimen while on a field trip.
      Medication Permission Form


      For injuries requiring more than 3 days of modification/exclusion: Please obtain a medical
      excuse form. This form must be completed and signed by your student’s physician. Please be
      sure to include recess modifications.
      For injuries requiring less than 3 days modification/exclusion: A signed parent note or email is
      sufficient. Please include student name, limitations, and date. If you send an email, please send
      to your student's teacher as well as the health tech at maritza.sosa@oside.us


      If your student has medication here at school, please arrange to pick up
      his/her medication before the last day of school.  All medication left after school is out
      will be DISPOSED.  If you have any questions, please call the Health Office.