• Associated Student Body

    ASB Director, Mr. Brice Fristed at ohsasb@oside.us ext 8320

    ASB Clerk, Ms. Robbin Pollard email robbin.pollard@oside.us ext 8240

    Visit the WEBSTORE (open 24 hours a day)

    Updated information will always be posted on the ASB instagram - @osidepiratesasb  

  • Student Store Hours:
    New Hours Coming Soon! 

    Items available for purchase

    ASB Membership/Yearbook-$140 (end 08/31)

    ASB Membership-$50 

    Yearbook -$105

    PE Set-$25

    PE Shirt-$10 

    PE Shorts-$15 


    Hooded Sweatshirt-$45

    OHS long sleeves-$25

    Baseball T’s- $20 




    Once a Pirate T-shirt-$10


  • 2022-2023 ASB OFFICERS

    President - Estela Diaz Perez

    Vice President - Natalia Sudac

    Community Relations Commissioners - Presley Riddle 

    Secretary -  Brianna Silva

    Treasurer - Autumn Alvarado 

    Commissioner of Clubs- Sol De Pierola

    Commissioner of Athletics- Sammy Vences

    Commissioner of Events- Savannah Espinoza

    Commissioner of Elections - Emiliano Ramirez


    Associated Student Body (ASB) organizations are composed of students for the purpose of conducting activities on behalf of students. Education Code Section 48930 defines the purpose of an ASB organization as “the conduct of activities on behalf of the students approved by the school authorities and not in conflict with the authority and responsibility of the public school officials.” As such, ASB groups have been given the authority to conduct fundraisers and to spend money for the benefit of students. 

    All activities and fundraising events that involve the primary participation of students should be conducted through the ASB. The finance office, along with the advisors/coaches and students must follow the procedures as set by the ASB. These procedures cover all student performances and events for which gate receipts or honorariums are received, all student conducted fundraisers, all collections from students for supplemental uniforms and/or t-shirts, and all collections of funds in relation to district sanctioned student trips. These fundraising activities are primarily on campus.

  • OHS & CIF San Diego Section Playoff and Championship
    Ticket Policy & Finance Reporting Procedures
    CIF San Diego Section Ticket Policy

    In the effort to decrease the risks involved with transmission of the COVID virus through paper tickets, on-site ticket sales, exchanging cash, on-site ticket takers, etc., all tickets for all OHS and CIF San Diego Section (CIF-SDS) contests will be purchased and activated electronically through the CIF-SDS Office and our digital ticketing partner GoFan.  

    Fans are required to purchase their tickets via the GoFan app or website prior to the event.  

    Event tickets will be redeemed on guests’ mobile devices when they arrive at the event gate.  There will not be any onsite physical ticket sales available on the day of the event.