•  If you miss school, you miss out, and we miss you!

    Too many absences – excused or unexcused – can keep student from succeeding in school and in life.

    How many is too many? 10% or the school year – that’s 2 days a month.

    Reporting an Absence:

    Please report absences as soon as possible by calling:  


    The Board of Education amended administrative regulation 5113(a).

    The policy now reads, "Absences must be cleared within 5 school days after the student returns to school." 

    Early Pick-up:


    If you need to pick your child up early from school for an appointment,

    Please call 760-901-7000 with the time of their departure from school.

    We will do our best to have them in the office at that time. 

    *Staff cannot summon a student from class within the last 15 minutes of the school day*