• Immunizations: Please submit a copy of the immunization record so that we can update our files. Your child’s record must include a date for the immunizations and the doctor’s/clinic’s name. Please visit CDPH Shots for School website to view current required immunizations.
    • Physicals and Oral Health Assessments: A CDPH physical examination is required for all students within 18 months prior to or 90 days after entry into first grade.  However, it is strongly recommended that your child has the CDPH physical before entering Kindergarten.  If completed prior to Kindergarten, this exam will count toward the first grade physical, and will give your child a head start should there be any problems such as vision or hearing difficulties. No cost health exams are available to children in low-income families. An Oral Health Assessment (Dental check-up) is also required for Kindergarten and first grade students.
    • School Entry Health Checkup Requirement Form 
    • Oral Health Assessment-English
    • Oral Health Assessment-Spanish
    • Allergies(food and/or other): If your child has a food allergy, please have your Physician complete the OUSD forms for food allergies. Please provide the health office with any medication your Physician requires the student to have at school.
    • Food Allergy Action Plan-English
    • Food Allergy Action Plan-Spanish
    • Insect Sting Allergy Action Plan
    • Medical Diagnoses: There are certain medical conditions that students may have that require specific medications, care procedures, or protocols in place to ensure they are safe while at school.  If your student has one of these medical conditions, please contact our Health Tech by phone (760-901-8614) or email to discuss your child's medical conditions and ensure the proper paperwork is completed, and our site team will work together with your student's medical team to ensure they are properly cared for while attending school or participating in school activities.
    • Seizure Action Plan
    • Medication Use: Students requiring medication at school must have the required OUSD forms completed for the medication and on file with the Health Clerk. The form must be completed and signed by a California Licensed Physician.  Parent signature is required on the back page. This form is needed for ALL medication, prescription, non-prescription, creams, lotions, and cough drops. In some cases, a student may need to carry medication on self. In this case, a physician's approval is required. Please call the Health Clerk to request the form be emailed or to arrange to pick-up a copy from the school.
    • Medication Taken By Student at School-Primary
    • Medication Taken By Student at School-Secondary
    • Diabetes: Diabetic management at school is provided only after the parent and physician complete specific instructions for the current school year. Please complete and sign a “Parent Consent and Physician Authorization for Management of Diabetes at School and School Sponsored Events and Algorithms for Blood Glucose Results.” Return the form to the School Health Office. Diabetic management for your child/patient will begin after completed paperwork has been received. All supplies are to be provided by the parent/guardian. Parents should provide a three-day supply of food/insulin to be kept at school in case of emergency/disaster. If this is desired, please complete Parent and Physician Authorization for insulin Dose During Disaster, including parent and physician signature. You may access the Diabetic Management Plan forms here.
    • Use of Orthopedic Equipment: Students are not allowed on campus with crutches, splints, wraps, slings, or casts unless they provide a California Licensed Physicians’ note.  Please complete the OUSD Request for Physician's evaluation form, and the OUSD Physical Education Release form and provide the completed forms to the Health Office.




    Optional Information

    • * * Call our Health Office to leave a message if your child is absent from school for medical reasons at 760-901-8614

    • * *Llamar a nuestra Oficina de Salud para dejar un mensaje si su hijo/a falta a la escuela por razones de salud al 760-901-8614


    Health Office/Oficina de Salud


    🏥 Laura Mihalov

    Surfside Health Tech/Tecnología de la Salud




    All students benefit from a healthy classroom environment and are most successful when rested and feeling good. Beginning the day with a healthy breakfast and a good night's sleep is very important for a child to have a successful school day.  Please refer to the following guidelines to determine if your child's needs would be best met by coming to school or staying home. Thank you for your assistance. (Also see OUSD Health and Safety Guidelines)



    Fever free for 24 hours without fever, reducing medication

    No vomiting in the last 24 hours

    No diarrhea last 24 hours

    If injury or illness and seen by a physician, return with a note from MD to return to school

    Minor cold symptoms

    Asthma-responsive to medication



    Fever, vomiting or diarrhea in the last 24 hours   

    Moderate signs of illness that interfere with sleep, activity, and play   

    Cold symptoms such as frequent coughing and or nasal discharge that do not respond to 


    Positive for Covid. Please notify the Health Office immediately



    Complaints of ear pain or drainage from ears

    Yellow or green nasal discharge, which persists over 14 days

    Sore throat, enlarge, reddened tonsils, fever, possible rash

    Undiagnosed skin rash or crusty sore

    Redness of the eye with a discharged with no other symptoms of illness

    Asthma not responding to medication, peak flow 50% or less, or requiring treatments more than 

    every 4 hours