• 5/16/22

    Let camp begin....we were off to a rocky start (buses!) but everyone hung in there and we eventually made it to camp together and it was a day filled with lots of surprises and fun.  Thank you parents for all your patience and understanding this morning:) 

    Upon arriving at Camp Cuyamaca on this beautiful sunny day, the kids were escorted off the bus to meet their new camp teachers.  They were led into their new village called Oak Village.  They were put in separate dens named after animals.  You can ask your child which den they were in when they come home.  They chose their beds and were able to unpack and make their new cozy home during their week here at camp. 

    They then had a delicious lunch and were ready for their first hike of the week.  We are on an early schedule this week so the kids had dinner at 5:00.  Dinner was salad, fries, and chicken nuggets.  They were in charge of setting up and cleaning their tables.  Parents, we wish you could see what a fantastic job they did on their own setting up and cleaning their table.  Hmmm....you may want to add this  to their list of chores to do at home.  One comment we kept hearing was how much they loved the food here so far.  After dinner, there was recess in the outside yard area.  They were able to relax,  play games and hang out with friends.  We ended our day with rice krispy treats, singing songs around the campfire.  They were then escorted back to their cabins for stories and bedtime.  They were wiped out by the end of the day.  All the excitement made for tired campers. 

    We noticed that much of your mail had been received.  Letters will be passed out on Wednesday. 

    Your children miss you and are sending you much love......


    Fifth Grade Teachers


    5/17/22, Day 2

    Good Evening Families,

    Day 2 of camp was our "All Day Adventure".  This consisted of a six-hour hike.  Before leaving from camp, kids were served a breakfast of pancakes, sausage, eggs and fruit for breakfast.  We began at 9:00 am this morning and arrived back at camp by 3:00 pm.  Camp prepared backpacks filled with food for lunch out on the trail.  Groups hiked to various areas of the mountains.  Ms. Gill was with a group that went to "Green Falls".  It was a beautiful landscape with waterfall-filled pools.  The kids swam and played in the pool areas.  They slid off rocks like a water slide into the pool parts of the landscape.  They were fully dressed and hiked back to camp wet and were smiling from ear to ear.  Ms. Gill was so proud of the endurance the students displayed hiking through the woods carrying backpacks of food and canteens filled with water.  What an amazing adventure with perfect weather.  Lunch was turkey sandwiches or a sunbutter jelly sandwich, pickle, carrots, chips, and apples.  Oh and I can't forget chocolate milk:))

    After we arrived back at camp, the kids awaited the much-talked about showers.  They were excited and nervous about the showers, but let us tell you, after a long day of hiking, we all needed showers.  When they arrived at dinner, everyone looked clean and fresh and the "shower novelty" is now a topic of the past.  For dinner, the kids had turkey, potatoes, vegetables and a roll.

    After dinner, our recess was at 5:15. The kids discovered a new game called "Ga Ga Ball".  You play in an enclosed circular wall and it is kind of like dodge ball but with different types of rules.  12 kids played at a time.  They love this game.  Others were playing cards and foosball in their cabin.

    Finally, is the evening activity.  This was one that the kids couldn't wait to do.  They had the opportunity to make a fire.  Wow, I could even see smoke as some of them were earnestly trying to make their own fire.  They worked hard and loved sharing with all of us teachers how close they were to starting a fire.  They played a board game with friends where you had to strategize a mission of survival by traveling on land.  It was so fun watching everyone this evening engaged in what they were doing and wanted to share it with you.  They were talking and laughing.  At this time, they had their nightly desserts too.  Then it was finally time to say good night.  Some were saying how tired they were and ready to go to sleep.  This was a packed day of nonstop activities.

    Tomorrow is our day of archery, rock climbing and many other adventures.  We are pretty sure all the kids will sleep soundly tonight.  Many are missing their families and are looking forward to seeing all of you on Friday.  They are all learning new things and becoming stronger and more courageous as they try new things.  Tomorrow is mail day too....

    Sweet Dreams and until tomorrow.....

    The Fifth Grade Team


    5/18/22, Day 3

    Good Evening Families,

    Day 3 of camp was Wilderness Recreation Activities day! Students started the day with a scrambled egg and bacon breakfast and topped it off with oranges for the road. 
    We had a special guest drop in to see us today. Mr. Simmons was able to join students for the Toxic River Challenge and the afternoon exploration hike. Students were super excited to get to spend the day with him. Students split into groups and half headed off for the hike, while others stayed behind to enjoy their choice of archery or rock climbing, geocaching, and the team challenge. 
    Before students rotated for the afternoon hikes, they sat down to a picnic-style lunch of wraps, apples, and carrot sticks. All the students cleaned up after themselves and a few helpers bagged and delivered the trash to the bins. It's great to watch them work together as a team to help each other. 
    The REAL team building came from the Toxic River Challenge, where students worked to get their entire team across the imaginary river of toxic waste. Students used four planks and placed them as a team on stationary rocks to get to the other side of the river (sandbox). This required many failures before success, and students quickly realized the need for clear communication and teamwork. It was interesting watching them  listen to each other and delegate tasks.There were several students who found their voice in this collaborative environment. Some took the lead role quickly, while others took in the ideas of others and strategized together. They had a great time and many wanted to stay longer. 
    Dinner was a big hit, with all you can eat pizza and salad. We ended the evening with a night hike to the meadow just outside camp. Hike leaders told stories while we munched on bug bites for dessert. Tomorrow is another student favorite...CRAFTS! Students will also participate in the talent show. They will sleep well again tonight. All's well. 
    The Fifth Grade Team