• Absences


    Absences can be excused by phone, email or with a note from parents or doctors within 5 days of the absence.

    If the student is absent more than 4 days in a row or has over 15 excused absences for the year, we will need a doctor's note to excuse.

    Excusable absences include medical reasons (illness, injury, etc.), funerals and court appearances.  Students will not be excused for missing the bus, family vacations, babysitting siblings, taking care of parents, or being out of town and unable to get back in time.  Vacation during instructional time will not be excused.  Students must check with their teachers ahead of time to see if any missed work or exams can be made up.

  • Attendance


    Office Hours:

    Monday - Friday 7:30am to 3:30pm

    24 Hour Attendance Hotline: 760-901-8645




    Attendance Staff

    Vicki Montes