• MLK Middle School

    Schedule Change Request Policy

    Welcome to Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School!


    For students it takes a period of adjustment getting back into the daily routine of attending school and the rigors of learning new subjects.  Some students may want a different schedule for various reasons. 


    We recommend that you, as a parent, encourage your child to give their new schedule a try.  It takes 2-3 weeks to get used to new routines.  Oftentimes, children develop an attachment to their schedule within days.  Our goal is to cultivate a spirit of perseverance among our King Lions.   


    The opening of school is a busy time for all.  Much effort has been made to balance classes throughout the campus. We strive to minimize disruptions to our faculty and student schedules.  We ask that all students and parents hold off on schedule change requests for the first week of school. If there is an urgent concern please contact your child’s counselor directly. 


    Below is our schedule change policy.  The Schedule Change Request form is housed in the Counseling Center as well as Student Services.

    Before submitting this form to Counseling please:


    • Discuss the concerns with your student and encourage your child to talk to their teacher first if they feel comfortable

    • You may also contact the teacher directly to share your concerns


    Examples of student requests for schedule changes that do not meet MLK Administrative Policy: 


    • Same subject from a different teacher or same teacher at a different time period

    • Student being placed in classes with friends

    • Rumors regarding a specific teacher

    • “Personality conflict” with the teacher

    • Student’s learning style and teacher’s teaching style do not match


    It is MLK Administrative Policy that parents contact the teacher directly to discuss concerns being experienced by their student.   In most cases, the situation can be resolved quickly through collaborative communication.