At North Terrace we expect all members of our community to Be Safe, Be Responsible, and Be Respectful. Bullying has no place in our community, and we work hard to ensure our community feels safe.  Please talk to your child every day to find out about their day at school.  If they are struggling with        their schoolmates, please communicate with teachers and other staff members as soon as possible. 

    Many times our student issues turn out to be misunderstandings or common childhood conflicts that are quickly resolved by communicating with classmates and staff members. 


    Bullying, however, is a different matter altogether. 

    Bullying is not:

    minor teasing;

    back-and-forth disagreements;

    common childhood conflicts.

     Bullying is:


    imbalance of power;


    physical, psychological, or verbal;

     may occur via the internet or through cell phones.


    If you have any questions or concerns about bullying behaviors, please contact the school immediately and speak to a staff member, your child's teacher or the principal.  The sooner an issue is addressed, the better chance there is of resolving it quickly.


    Thank you for working together with us to create and maintain a safe, comfortable learning environment for ALL of our students. And thank you for modeling great behavior for our North Terrace students.  Children learn from our words and actions as well.

    The following link has great resources to help prevent bullying:Stop Bullying Website

    There is also a free app, KnowBullying, that puts bully-prevention tips in the palm of your hand: KnowBullying Ap