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  • 8th grade is the end of the Middle School years, and below are some (hopefully) helpful tips & tricks to assist our Falcon Scholars in making the most of this year!

    • Change is not a bad word.  You have changed, and will continue changing, growing into your future self, each day.  This may mean that friendships change too.  It will be okay. 

    • Make amends, and move forward.  Perhaps something ended on a bad note, use your final year in Middle School to make amends - apologize for bad behavior, recognize you may not get an apology from others for their bad behavior. Prepare to move forward by envisioning the type of person you want to be and who will be around you supporting those goals. 

    • Recognize that some of your friend groups may split off to a different path.  As our Falcons get used to flying, they will leave the nest of Middle School and soar into new adventures.  Some will flock together to the next adventure, others will fly in a different direction. Friendships are not limited to a certain number of people.

    • It all ends with effort.  Sometimes we win, sometimes we fail; but both outcomes start with effort. If we win, reflect on what helped with the success.  If we fail, reflect on what could have been done differently. 

    • It's still okay to ask.  Questions help us find solutions, and move towards the best choice. If you are not sure where to start, begin with that question, "Where should I start?". 

    • Now is the best time to plan for tomorrow.  The end of Middle School is closer than the beginning, but what happens next?  Start putting together your future by planning for tomorrow, and tomorrow's tomorrow.  Start small and soon you will find you have planned out what electives would be best in High School, or what the requirements are for a career of interest. 
    • This is a small path, on a much longer journey.  What we learn and take away from our Middle School years will help us as we move into High School, Trade School, College, Universities, and into our career path. 


    Being told to study may not be as helpful as being told how to study.  Below are some helpful hints to make the most out of your study time: 

    • Take notes in class to review later.  Class time is often when we are able to engage with our teachers and obtain feedback or clarification on what is being taught.  Taking notes during class that can be reviewed later will help narrow down topics specifically discussed by the teacher.

    • Learn key words through index study cards.  Remembering full pages of text is not always realistic.  However, learning key words and understanding them is a managable task.  These words are often in bold in textbooks or gone over in depth by the teacher to help narrow down what is relavent to the topic. 

    • Learn more about how you learn.  People all learn information differently. How do you learn best? 
      • Visual or Spatial learners are those who prefer learning by observing things.
      • Auditory or Aurel learners are good listeners who normally learn best through verbal presentations like lectures and speeches. 
      • Verbal or Linguistic learners prefer using words, both in speech and writing. 
      • Physical or Kinetic learners learn best when they can do rather than see or hear.
      • Logical or Mathematical learners function and solve complex problems by employing strategies and their scientific way of thinking.
      • Social or Interpersonal learners know how to communicate effectively and enjoy collaborating with others, brainstorming and discussing ideas and concepts.
      • Solitary or Intrapersonal learners prefer being away from the crowds and learn best in a quiet place where they can focus on the task at hand.

        Once you know what type of learning you are, you can develop a pattern of studying that meets your individual needs. 

    • Make studying a priority.  There may be more interesting things to do than studying, but by making it a priority to spend 15 - 30 minutes after school studying, the understanding gained will open pathways to success.