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    To report your child's absence, you may contact us by phone or email:

    The following message information should be provided: 

    • your name
    • child’s name
    • teacher’s name
    • date of absence
    • reason for absence  

    Excused vs. Unexcused Absences


    Reporting an Absence





    Chronic Absenteeism

  • Our office can only “excuse” a tardy, absence, or early dismissal for medical reasons, court appearance, or the death of an immediate family member. Any other reason, even when accompanied by a note from the parent or guardian, is marked “unexcused”. 


    In accordance with OUSD Board Administrative Regulation 5113(a), we need your help clearing your student's absence within five (5) school days after their return. Unfortunately, after five days records are locked and cannot be changed. 


    An uncleared absence will automatically generate a district phone call. 


    If a student develops a pattern of irregular attendance, including truancies, excessive tardies, early releases, and/or excessive excused absences, a school administrator may refer a student and his/her family to the district School Attendance Review Board (“SARB”, see OUSD SARB webpage).

    Please note- habitual tardies, absences, and/or late pickups are considered when reviewing Open Enrollment Applications for Intradistrict Transfer and may result in an Attendance Review Hearing.