• On Campus Support

    Operation Bigs    This school-based mentoring program is a Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Diego County program for children in military families.  Adult volunteers (Bigs) visit with students (Littles) once a week after school and through this friendship, children are provided one-on-one attention and support.

    Classroom Volunteers Parents and community volunteers listen to students read and help with math and writing skills.

    Cross Age Tutors (CATs) Fourth and Fifth graders are paired with First and Second graders to assist in their academic development during the older students’ recess time.

    MCCS Teacher Training Representatives of the readiness training team will provide training for our teachers in the services available for families on Camp Pendleton.

    Student to Student Each trimester, students new to the school meet to share what they know and want to know about their new school.

    On-Site Counseling  Support groups and one-on-one counseling focus on self-esteem, social skills, anger management, attention skills training, organizational skills, deployment, self-expression, loss and bereavement. Two options are available, one through Tri-Care and another with a counselor funded by the District.

    Operation Hero This AFYMCA after school program addresses issues faced by many of our military youth.  Operation Hero meets twice weekly for 2.5 hours for a ten-week session.  Students receive homework assistance in areas prescribed by their classroom teacher.

    School Liaison Officer Collaboration In order to keep updated on all resources/services available to our families, deployed and otherwise, we maintain continuous contact with the SLOs under the direction of the commandant.

    Student Study Team The SST is a school site team that reviews individual student’s strengths and areas of concern.  The SST plans strategies and organizes resources for addressing these problems.  This process is a function of regular education.

    Tell Me a Story Program This Military Child Education Coalition(MCEC) program brings families together for an evening of story telling and related activities. Each family gets a free copy of the book of the evening

    Green Team Students volunteer during lunch to help educate others on the correct way to recycle their lunch.


  • Supports for Specifically Designed for Children of Deployed Parents


    Collaboration with the Chaplain’s Office  In the past year, we’ve coordinated regular volunteer groups of Marines, deployment briefings, and training about compassion fatigue.

    FOCUS (Families OverComing Under Stress)  Our school articulates support for this special training program and uses them for as a resource for deployment stress management needs.