Why the Arts?

  • At Pablo Tac, we believe that teaching in and through the arts is a valuable part of a child's education and every child should be able to participate in arts education. 

    Arts education increases academic achievement:

    • Gives students multiple ways to show what they know
    • Increases student engagement
    • Increases a connection to school
    • Helps students learn content in other curricular areas 
    • Develops critical thinking and a growth mindset

    Arts education increases social-emotional development by providing opportunities for students to develop:

    • strategies for positive well-being
    • positive peer relationships
    • the whole child 
    • expressive capacities
    • confidence
    • empowerment

    Art education...

    • Engenders aesthetic experience for others
    • Engenders valuing the creative process
    • Is beautiful
    • Tells a story
    • Brings life to life
    • Is a natural activity
    • Allows for unique expression of individuals
    • Career opportunities
    • Helps to navigate through life
    • Broadens perspectives