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  • Parent Permission Slip
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  • Hello Bulldogs and welcome to our Library!!  

    When you enter this library…

    You are readers

    You are amazing

    You are authors

    You are creators

    You are scientists

    You are explorers

    You are important

    You are leaders

    You are friends

     You are special

    You are respected

    And most importantly,

    You are the reason I am here!

    Mrs. Cruz


    The library is a magical place where you can transport yourself into a different time and/or place.  It is also a place where you can research subjects that interest you.  However you choose to use our library, there is just one thing you must do before you get to check out books.  You must have a parent or guardian sign a permission slip or fill out the google permission form.  Either of these ways will allow you to check out books.  You can find this permission slip and/or google form on our library page.  I encourage you to do this quickly so that you can start checking out books as soon as possible.  Once this is done, you are ready to check out books.

    Happy reading!

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