• Warehouse


    • Pick up and delivery of district and intra-district mail
    • Process outgoing USPS district mail (including bulk mail)
    • Process Warehouse stock orders
    • Receive and process orders from outside vendors
    • Receive and deliver food items for Child Nutrition

District Mail Guidelines

  • USPS Regular Mail

  • USPS Bulk Mail: 1st Class vs. 3rd Class

  • Intra-district Site Mail

  • County Truck Mail

  • Questions about mail?

Warehouse Stock Orders

  • Warehouse Catalog

  • Instructions

  • Returns

  • District Forms

  • Discrepancies

  • Back Orders

  • Important Information

    The Warehouse is open for receiving from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm, Monday through Friday

    Warehouse Lead: Robbie Jones

    Please contact Warehouse staff at x7814

  • Delivery Schedule

    District mail is picked up and delivered daily.

    Large items are delivered to designated sites on the following days:

    • Monday -  Laurel, McAuliffe, Ivey, ECHS
    • Tuesday -  Palmquist, South Oceanside, Lincoln, MLK, Surfside, Chavez
    • Wednesday - Stuart Mesa, Santa Margarita, North Terrace, OHS
    • Thursday -  San Luis Rey, Libby, Del Rio, Nichols, Mission
    • Friday -  Jefferson, CBA, Foussat, Reynolds, DO, ESS