About us

  • Surfside welcomes students entering Kindergarten to those enrolling in the 12th grade. Regardless of when you enroll, we will see you through to your high school graduation.  We focus on designing an academic experience that fits your personal needs.  Surfside offers a small, personalized learning environment built on the foundation of relationships.  Our school is framed by four key pillars, Customized Learning, Workforce Preparation, Access to A-G courses, and Teen Parent Program.

    During the enrollment process with our counselors, students and families have multiple "decisions points" to customize their learning plan.  Considerations in placing students in our school include reviewing their current academic status, attendance concerns, special supports, personality type, learning styles, preferences for schedule, courses of interest, and learning materials.  Through the enrollment process we proactively seek to understand students' needs prior to them enrolling in school.  With the options provided, students can switch their path to suit their needs throughout their educational career.  Our goal is to mold the school around the student.  

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