• FAQs

    Who can enroll at Surfside Educational Academy? Students in grades K-12 can enroll at Surfside. Do you like small classroom sizes, personalized learning structures, friendly staff members, having choices about how and what you learn? If so, Surfside is for you. Students enrolling in the distance learning and blended learning models must have the capacity to work independently because a significant portion of the work is done at home.

    How much does Surfside cost?  Surfside Educational Academy is one of Oceanside Unified School District's public schools and there is no cost to attend.

    When does registration begin? If you are interested in attending Surfside please contact our office at 760.901.8600 or via email to either  Michelle.Webb@oside.us or janelle.wadlington@oside.us.  Formal Registration for the 2023-2024 school year begins July 21, 2023.  Our registration is completed digitally.

    What does registration entail?  Beginning July 21, 2023 current students will have access to updating their data in Aeries.  Parents should update the information and print the Data Confirmation page; please be sure to upload the requested documents. Address changes must be completed through our office.

    If you are new to OUSD you should register your student via the Aeries Online Enrollment tab.  Your school of residence (you cannot select Surfside) will show up, click ok, then proceed with the following prompts.  Surfside is not a school you can select during the online registration process. 

    Do students need a computer to attend Surfside?  If your student does not own a computer or have access to technology devices, our media center offers chrome books for students to check out and use while learning at home. 

    What is a Master Agreement?  This is the required contract to allow students to participate in Independent Study.

    How do the pure Independent Study and blended learning models work at the high school level?  High school students enrolled in the pure independent study and blended learning models enroll in one course at a time and complete a course every three weeks. This usually involves working up to 6 hours per day on coursework. At this rate, students invest the same amount of time in a course as do students taking the same course for 1 hour per day over a semester.

    Are the courses at Surfside a-g approved? Are students eligible to apply for college upon graduation from Surfside?  Courses offered at Surfside are a-g approved, meaning students who complete the graduation requirements at Surfside are eligible to apply for CSU and UC colleges.

    Does Surfside support students with IEPs?  Surfside supports students with IEPs through our on-site Special Education teachers. A change of placement process must take place at the student’s current school prior to enrolling at Surfside.

    Do Surfside students have access to dual enrollment college courses? Yes, MiraCosta College offers several dual enrollment courses at Surfside. Students who complete these courses earn both college and high school credit.

    May I return to my home school during the year?  Yes.  If a student asks or the student is not meeting the requirements for participating in Independent Study the return to their home school will be addressed on a case by case basis with parent, student, counselor and administrator discussion.

    Does Surfside operate on a semester schedule?  Direct Instruction operates quarterly.  Here are the quarterly dates for the 2021-2022 school year. This schedule allows students to complete up to 100 credits per year.

    The Independent Study schedules as follows:

    • Middle School operates on a semester schedule.
    • High School students complete 1 course every 3 weeks.


    From where do Surfside's graduates receive their diplomas?  We are an accredited school and graduates receive their diplomas from Surfside. Our graduates participate in our Surfside graduation ceremony.

    I have a child and it's difficult to find childcare so I have trouble getting to school.  We have you covered. Surfside features a child care center complete with everything your baby needs to stay healthy and happy. Drop your infant or toddler off at our on-site childcare facility while you attend your classes. Pick up your child when you are ready to go home. There is no cost for childcare services, we are honored to support you and your baby while you learn.

    Does Surfside offer meal service?  Yes, Surfside offers breakfast, lunch and snacks for our students. Free and reduced lunch information.

    What are your office hours?  Our office staff is available between 7:00 am – 3:00 pm. 

    Does Surfside Academy have a PTO?  Not yet. We’re looking forward to collaborating with interested parents!