• There are two learning models for Surfside Elementary School students.

    Independent Study/Blended Learning

    K-5 students attending Surfside Academy's Independent Study Program complete their required work with parents as their primary support at the pace that is right for them, and find great satisfaction in their academic, social, physical, and emotional growth.  Students and families have access to multiple learning supports throughout the year, including lessons in science, music, art, language arts, math, social-emotional strategies, and digital citizenship.  They can receive this support virtually or through in-person learning.  We offer students and parents flexible schedule options, which can be mixed and matched without committing to one model. Families also have the option of working completely independently, as long as they are making progress and meet check-in requirements set by Independent Study legislation.

    • In-person:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and/or Friday - Students have the option to attend in-person learning from 9am-12:30pm.  We suggest two days a week for smaller class sizes.
    • Virtual:  Daily lessons and support or daily check-ins for attendance purposes.
    • Wednesdays:  All students work from home with virtual read-alouds available in the morning, and an additional 5th grade science class available.


    We look forward to working with you as a team to provide an exceptional learning experience for you and your child.  For additional information regarding our program and/or registration information, please contact Janelle Wadlington at janelle.wadlington@oside.us or visit our K-5 Independent Study Program online.


    Surfside K-5 Parent Program Guide 2023-2024