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    Instructions on how to create a Portal Account - English / Español


    To create an Aeries Parent Portal account you will need to have an email.  It does not have to be Gmail, but we provide instructions to help.

    Create a Gmail account /Spanish


    I have more than one child who attend different schools in the District, do I have to create multiple accounts?
    Parents only need to have one account for their family. All children can be linked to the same parent account.

    I don't have a verification code.
    To protect student privacy, we cannot give verification codes over the phone or through email. Please go into the school office to have a new Parent Portal letter printed. The parent or student may pick up this letter. Please be ready to show proper identification when requesting a letter from the school.

    Do parents need to create an account every year?
    No. This is a one time process. If you have another child that enters the District (e.g., kindergarten student), you will be able to add them to your existing account.

    What if I see incorrect information on my student's account (i.e., a phone number or address)?
    Contact your child's school. You are able to edit and update contact information during the Data Confirmation window (August), but the school office has to change any primary student address and telephone information.

    If I move, can I update my address through the parent portal?
    Address changes must be done at the school office with two proofs of address. Parents can view their current address through the portal.

    HELP! I forgot my password.
    If you forget your password to login to the Aeries Parent Portal , use the "Forgot password?" link in the lower right hand corner to have your password sent to your email address.

    I cannot open PDF documents.
    PDFs require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open any file.
    I received my Parent Portal letter, but there is no phone number listed on the letter and I was not able to add my child to my account.
    A home phone number must be listed in the student database at the school your child attends in order to create an account. If you do not have a home telephone number, please contact the school and have them add an alternate number or cell phone number as your child's home telephone. Once this is done, you will be able to add the child to your account using that number.