Our Principal

  • Dear Lion Family, 

    My name is Kenneth Wright and I am the proud Principal of Martin Luther King Jr.  Middle School. I have the honor of working with one of the most dedicated teams of professionals who  educate, support and nurture over 1300 students on our campus. Our family of Lions takes pride in academic and social experiences that challenge every student to grow past their potential every day.  Our classes are built on the premise of rigor and support, both of which are upheld on a daily basis by our talented staff that ensures our student's academic success. 

    We are proud of our commitment to academics and we work tirelessly to create the safest and most welcoming learning environment for all students. Our staff is always available to meet and discuss school issues or the individual progress of any student with parents, guardians, and the students themselves. Our teachers believe that teaching above and beyond the standards helps build well-rounded students who are prepared for success in high school and beyond. We also believe in building character development and believe in our commitment to our Lion Core Values which include; Kindness, Integrity, Never Giving Up and Generosity.

    To make the school year the best for you and your student, please support King Middle School in any way you can. Consider becoming a bigger part of the King Family by joining our Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO).  We implore you to not only be involved with our school, but to become an extension of it because education is an all-inclusive effort.  We wholeheartedly believe in the phrase “all for learning, and learning for all.” Abiding by this philosophy, we can work together as a community to not only raise achievement levels, but also to provide more opportunities for activities that enrich our student’s experiences here at King. We Are All Lions!


    Kenneth Wright- Principal