• Parents, Guardians, and the Family

    As a parent or guardian, you have a right to:

    • A SAFE & INCLUSIVE environment that is nonthreatening and allows your student to be successful;
    • INFORMATION about your student’s achievement, behavior in school, and attendance;
    • INFORMATION about all school rules, regulations, and expectations.

    Every member of the school community shares the responsibility for maintaining a safe, inclusive, and productive environment at your student’s school. You, as a parent or guardian of a student in OUSD, share this responsibility when you partner with the school and the Board of Education to maintain standards of behavior for all students. Please review the district’s school site information with your family. Parents, guardians, and other caring adults have great influence on the study habits of their student. We need your help to get your student(s) to school on time every day. Punctuality and good attendance are family responsibilities and students rely on their parents/guardians to make certain they arrive at school on time and ready to learn. Please also keep track of your student’s academic achievement, as studies show students learn more when somebody monitors their progress.

    The Students

    As a student, you have a right to:


    Both the U.S. Constitution and California state law protect this right: “All students and staff of public primary, elementary, junior high, and senior high schools have the inalienable right to attend campuses that are safe, secure, and peaceful.”1 If you feel your school is not providing a safe environment, please discuss this with your teacher or principal. Every student shares the responsibility for maintaining a safe, inclusive, and productive environment at school. You make an important contribution to your school when you:

    • RESPECT the teachers, administration, fellow students, and all school staff members.
    • FOLLOW the standards of conduct for your school and the Oceanside Unified School District.
    • BE PRESENT at school, every day, on time and prepared to work with necessary materials.
    • COMPLETE work on time.
    • OWN your progress and collaborate with the adults who support you.
    • INFORM an adult of any situation that would pose a danger to yourself or others.

    1 California Constitution Article I, § 28 (c)

    The School 

    As representatives of the school and district, teachers and staff will:

    • COMMUNICATE & COLLABORATE regularly with students and their families about their student’s academic progress and behavior.
    • INVOLVE students in an ongoing process of self-evaluation.
    • UPHOLD district policies and school rules fairly and consistently.
    • REPORT uncleared absences to parents.

    As representatives of the school and district, administrators will:

    • ESTABLISH AND APPLY school rules to ensure a safe educational environment.
    • PROVIDE support to teachers as they carry out their discipline responsibilities.
    • COMMUNICATE school rules and consequences to students, families, and staff.
    • SUPPORT students by involving them in activities that increase their confidence in accepting academic responsibilities.