• Mission Statement 

    The PLUS Program is a systematic model, which develops a sustainable infrastructure that establishes a School Climate where inclusion is a reality for all young people. The activities of the PLUS Program create a community of kids who care for one another.

    "Our purpose is to ensure that inclusion is a reality for all students on a campus and in a community!"

    John Vandenburgh - Creator of the PLUS Program



    PLUS Team Hosts Forums! 

    The PLUS Leadership Team recently held two forums.  The purpose of PLUS is to initiate conversations between students who may have never spoken before.  Through these conversations and activities at the forums, students develop an understanding of who others are rather than what they think they are.  Students discuss ongoing issues and problems at our school and learn how to help in solving these issues.

    The PLUS Facilitators lead activities and games, as well as run large group discussions.  Other members facilitated small group discussions, passed out t-shirts, conducted a survey, and set up the rooms.  All PLUS members participated in the activities and helped in making the forums a success.

    Sixty 6thgraders participated in the forums.  One student said “I now know I’m not the only one with problems.  I felt really welcome.”  Another 6ther grader said, “PLUS was fun and I like that we can be honest”.  Every student that attended the forum got a t-shirt and is encouraged to wear it every Thursday. 

    PLUS will be recruiting for next year’s team in April.  If you want to be part of a leadership team and want to help make our school a better place we encourage you to apply when applications are available.